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Frequently Asked Questions

Enscicon remains ready to help clients find key staff.

What is the process for going to work through Enscicon?

There are three ways to obtain work through Enscicon:

  • The first is as a fully benefited professional consultant employed by Enscicon. Under this arrangement you work for us just as you would at any other company, including vacations, holiday pay, 401k and health benefits.
  • The next arrangement is under a traditional recruiter relationship, where our clients ask us to find direct employees. Under this arrangement we will work with you to understand your capabilities and career objectives. When we determine a good match exists, we will help facilitate the process of your going to work on a direct basis for one of our clients.
  • Lastly, many of our clients will ask to work with a professional on a trial basis or, in industry lingo, on a “contract to direct” arrangement. This arrangement is really a blend of the two previous scenarios and this allows both the employee and the potential employer to get a feel for each other before making a long-term commitment.

How do I get started?

It is easy! Simply send a copy of your resume in Word format by email to Once we receive your resume, one of our Enscicon representatives will reach out to you and establish an ongoing relationship. From there, as we have needs from our clients that dovetail with your experience and aspirations, we will contact you with a call and an email to discuss a possible match. You can also visit our “view all jobs” page under Career Opportunities for current openings.

Does it cost me anything to work with Enscicon?

Enscicon is compensated for our services by our clients, who partner with us to find seasoned industry professionals. We do not charge our candidates for our services.

When will you get me a job?

It depends on your background, experience and specific situation. As a rule, most of our candidates are exposed to several career-enhancing opportunities yearly. That said, we are working on behalf of our clients and openings are based on industry activity and variability in client demand.