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Providing A-list technical talent for over 20 years


3x Recruitment Agency of the Year Honors
2016, 2017, 2018 Oil & Gas Awards

“We help build successful companies and successful careers”

Our Purpose – Our Mission

We exist to help entrepreneurs, CEOs and managers build their companies on behalf of the customers they serve.

We do that through reaching into the marketplace to find that “best fit” individual for whom that client’s culture, opportunity and market position are a great fit for what that candidate wants and needs.

Through understanding our industry segments, our clients and our candidates, we are able to provide individuals with contract and direct employment opportunities that enhance their careers and lives.

Last – this company was created to provide unprecedented opportunity for our employees, and some of the most important successful careers we enable are those of our corporate staff.


Enscicon is the only organization in the US within our sectors capable of responding to all our clients’ human resource needs within 24 hours.

Enscicon is now fulfilling its mission on a rapid pace and enabling our select clients to outpace their competition in both growth and attracting top talent, creating tremendous value.

Enscicon responds with a qualified candidate to 80% of customer requirements within 48 hours.


P -Persistent and Determined
In pursuit of personal and professional goals – it’s the foundation. It’s impossible to best people who know where they are going and don’t give up.

L – Lifelong relationships
We like people and since we are in the people business and what we do is intimate, we begin and maintain our relationships with candidates, clients, coworkers and vendors as though we will know these people the rest of our life. We know if we do it right, we will. It has to work for everybody or we won’t do it.

A – Attitude
We work to bring our own sunshine. We take care of ourselves to be healthy and fit. We think it’s important to have fun, be active, and have lots of interests. It’s up to us to bring great energy to the day and to all the people we interact with.

Y – Yes
Find a way to say yes – before we say we don’t or we can’t, we say let me find out what we can do – then we find a few ways to meet our clients’ and candidates’ and each other’s needs.


Le – Learners
We are continuous learners, eager to understand, to grow and become better for ourselves and those around us.

A – Appreciative
We are thankful for each other – our customers – our candidates – our purpose – our challenges – our opportunities.

D – Direct and Clear
Address it, whatever it is. Our purpose demands we confront all issues, we ask tough questions, we discover and address the problems so we can resolve issues, we embrace difficult news and difficult conversations to avoid surprises and create opportunities.