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Current Employees

Enscicon offers our employees with a variety of competitive benefits.

As an industry leader, Enscicon is privileged to offer a variety of benefits to our benefit eligible employees. Below are examples of our portfolio of benefits; specifics will be discussed on an individual basis. Enscicon is fully compliant with all facets of the Affordable Care Act.

Human Resources Director: Sara White
Telephone:   303.223.4316
Confidential Fax:   303.223.4306

  • All benefit premiums are via payroll deduction for your ease.
  • Paid holiday and vacation available for some positions.
  • Paycheck directly deposited into a savings or checking account.
  • Medical, Vision and Dental Plans
  • Medical and Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts through 24 Hour Flex/RPS
  • Policies that pertain to your individual needs
  • Portable benefit that goes with you even if you leave Enscicon Corporation
Retirement | 401k
Retirement | 401k
  • Funds managed by Principal Financial Group
  • Deductions are pre-tax and performed as a payroll deduction
  • Rollovers are allowed into our Enscicon 401(k) plan

Employment Paperwork

Welcome to ENSCICON’s online sign up system, Bullhorn Back Office Onboarding. Please log in using your last name and password. If you do not know what these are or have forgotten your specific information, please contact ENSCICON at 303.980.8600.

Bullhorn Back Office Onboarding is a unique system that will give you immediate access to all your pre-employment documentation. As a part of the sign up process, please remember to make copies of your identification used for the I-9 form (i.e. Driver’s License, Social Security Card, US or Foreign Passport, Native American Tribal Document, Birth Certificate, Green Card, etc.) as well as a voided blank check if you would like direct deposit.

You can complete the paperwork electronically through the system or by emailing to or faxing to (303) 223-4317.

Please remember to keep a copy of all documents for your records.

Employee Forms

Safety Information

Workers’ Compensation
One of Enscicon’s top priorities is to provide a safe and healthy work environment. Failure to follow safety rules or use appropriate safety devices may result in a reduction of workers’ compensation benefits in the event of injury. Report any unsafe practices and conditions to your supervisor as well as Enscicon Human Resource Manager so corrective action can be taken.

Enscicon requires that every employee report all accidents in writing, no matter how minor, to your supervisor immediately and to Enscicon Human Resource Manager within 48-hours of the accident or injury. We want to provide you with prompt medical treatment from our designated workers compensation physicians. Prompt reporting of the accident will help us to take steps to reduce the possibility of future accidents.

Report all injuries in writing to or fax to 303.223.4317; attention ENSCICON HR Manager.

Safety rules are only as effective as you make them. Safety is a cooperative endeavor and must be kept constantly in mind by all of us. Exercise common sense and good judgment in all that you do on the job.

Enscicon complies with all applicable Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Mining Safety and Health Administrations (MSHA) standards.
OSHA SIC: 7361
MSHA ID: A7113