How Working with an Engineering Staffing Agency Can Help You Get Your Dream Job

Here’s why candidates in some of the hottest engineering and construction niches have trusted us for over 25 years. 

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How Working with an Engineering Staffing Agency Can Help You Get Your Dream Job

There are plenty of tips and tricks you will find that can help you land your dream job. Everything from putting together the perfect resume to compiling a list of “must-have” features of your next job can help you get from where you are to where you want to be. If you are an engineer though, there is something you can do that will not only give you a leg up on the competition but will put that dream job within your reach. What’s the secret? Working with an engineering staffing agency like Enscicon can make it much easier to get your dream job in the industry. Here is how.

Saves You Time and Frustration

The worst parts of the job hunt are the most tedious and frustrating parts. Scrolling through jobs, looking for the right one. Posting your resume to a seemingly endless number of job boards. Applying for jobs that, when you find out more, you have no interest in or they have no interest in you. Much of this can be solved by working with an engineering staffing company. Enscicon will save you time by putting your resume in multiple places, where it needs to be. We will not waste your time with a lot of meaningless jobs. We are just as motivated to show you jobs that you are interested as you are and that cuts down on a lot of wasted time and dead ends.

Access to the Right People 

When you apply for a job on a company site or through a job board, even a specialized one, you have no idea where that resume goes and who ends up seeing it. When you work with us, we will make sure that, if you are a good fit for the job, your resume will end up on the desk of someone who is part of the decision-making process.

At Enscicon, we work directly with some of the best companies in the engineering and construction industries. These companies come to us to help them get the right people for their engineering positions and we take time to truly understand their needs. Many times, these same companies don’t publicly post their own internal openings. They don’t want to sift through hundreds of applications. They simply want Enscicon to narrow it down to the 5 who meet their qualifications and begin coordinating interviews.

Our recruiters each specialize in their designated industry so they fully comprehend exactly what requirements are needed. Because of this, we can find the best fit for each candidate as well. When we approach a potential candidate we already know that they are in the top percentile of qualified professionals. This will dramatically increase your chances of getting an interview and, ultimately, getting your dream job.

Get Real Salary Info 

How many job postings have you looked at in pursuit of your dream job where there was no salary posted? Or, maybe there was a huge range “based on experience” or “qualifications”. Worst of all, maybe there was a salary posted but when you investigated further, that number was not truly accurate. An engineering staffing agency works in partnership with the companies that are hiring so they have access to real information about salary, benefits, and other types of compensation that companies are offering. Even if there truly is a range, your Enscicon team member will be able to tell you where you likely fit in that range and what the company is basing it on.

Better Preparation for Interviews

Once you get your resume in the hands of the right people by working with Enscicon, you will get more interviews than you would when you go it alone. Interviews can be nerve-wracking for most people so it is great that you will not have to go into it alone. Your engineering staffing agency professional will be able to help guide you and give you advice about the interview so you are better prepared. Maybe the company is very laid back so you shouldn’t wear a tie. Maybe the hiring manager is putting a lot of weight on specific skills that you can highlight or maybe they even went to the same engineering school as you. All these kinds of things are benefits that come from working with a third party who wants to get you the job.

You Can Look Passively

Earlier we talked about how you would be able to spend less time on job hunting to find your dream job by working with an engineering staffing company. How about spending no time at all Does that sound good? Once you start working with a specialty staffing company like Enscicon, you never know when your dream job might come around. If you ultimately decided to stay in your current job after looking or took a great new job, there is still a chance that down the line, without even actively looking, your dream job could pop up. If you are not working with a staffing company, you may never know this. If you are though, you could get your dream job when you are least expecting it.  


We do not offer everything to everyone but what we do offer is 25 years of experience specializing in the hottest niches in the engineering and construction industries including, oil and gas, power, mining and minerals, environmental, transportation infrastructure, and water and wastewater.

If you are looking for a great engineering staffing agency that will help you save time, get the right info, the best access, and find you your dream job, contact our staffing professionals at Enscicon. Our job is to connect you with the right company and the right job so you can find the best career path and live your professional dream.


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