How Working with an Engineering Staffing Agency Can Help You Get Your Dream Job

With over 25 years of experience in the engineering and construction staffing, Enscicon is the go-to expert in the field. 

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How an Engineering Staffing Company Saves You Time and Money 

The reasons other businesses work with your company is most likely because you are good at what you do and provide a high-quality product or service for the field you specialize in. Hiring or buying from you will probably save your client time and money down the road because of the excellent product or service you provide. This dynamic is no different than what Enscicon provides the companies that work with them. As an industry leader since 1994, Enscicon has recruited A-list engineering talent for our clients, which include everyone from Fortune 500 firms to up-and-coming growth firms in some of the engineering, procurement and construction sector’s hottest niches. Here is how working with a staffing company like us save you time and money.  

We Give You an HR Department at a Fraction of the Cost 

If you are a giant corporation with a huge HR department and an army of recruiters, this section may not apply to you. If you have a smaller HR department or a non-existent one though, read on. What does it cost to hire an HR person and pay their salary for a year? Plus, any benefits or perks? Maybe even additional office space to accommodate the new hire? What would it cost to add two of these people? Or 5, or 10, or 20? The point is, creating or expanding an HR department to help improve your hiring process is important, but also very expensive.  

This is where a staffing company like Enscicon can help. We are recruiting and hiring experts that have people who specialize in each industry we work in and truly understand what the requirements are. That is why so many companies in some of engineering and construction’s hottest niches come to us to fill the role of the “HR Department” for them. At a fraction of the cost of full-time people, we help companies in oil and gas, power, mining and minerals, environmental, transportation infrastructure, and water and wastewater find the best candidates without committing to expanding their HR of their organization.  

We Cut Down the Lengthy Hiring Cycle 

Hiring takes A LOT of time. From posting the job in multiple places to fielding and screening numerous resumes to pre-interviews to interviews to all the details that go into making the hire, it can seem like hiring just 1 person is a full-time job. As someone who has a job that has many other facets other than hiring, this time-suck can be draining and detrimental to both you and your company.   

Even if you do have a great HR department, does it really have the time to wait for the right candidate to come across their desk? This can be a long waiting game that eats into their other responsibilities. At Enscicon, we take a proactive approach to hiring for you.  We do this by targeting qualified candidate directly based on your needs. This way, candidates are presented to your HR department as pre-qualified, legitimate candidates which save them time and you money.  

We can take over many of the busy-work tasks related to hiring so that you can just focus on finding the best fit for your organization as well as other aspects of your job during the process. Especially in the early stages of the hiring process finding candidates and screening them to make sure they are high-quality takes time. Time that you do not have. We save you time, hassle and expedite the process. Let us take that off your plate and present you with a small handful of well-qualified candidates to make your hiring process quicker and more efficient.  

We Find the Right Candidates  

The hiring process is not just about finding as many candidates as possible and hoping one fits. It is about finding the right person for the right job and putting those two parties together. This is what we do at Enscicon. Making sure you hire the best person for the job cuts down on many different things that cost companies time and money.   

  • Reduce Training Time – Finding a truly qualified candidate means that a person will get up to speed and down to business quicker and with less costly training than lesser qualified ones. As specialists in a variety of industries, Enscicon has a huge database of the most skilled potential candidates who we already know is in the top percentile of qualified professionals. This means less costly training and more ROI sooner.   
  • Reduce Turnover – Finding the right fit for a job the first time also means less costly turnover. We help you get the right people because we take the time to truly understand your needs. This means that there is a better chance the person you hire will like the job, be better at it, and want to stay long-term so you do not have to hire for it again in the immediate future.  
  • Access to Passive Job Seekers  The right person for you may not be looking for a job right now. That does not mean you should miss out on the opportunity to hire them if they are the right person for the job. We have a streamlined process and technology that allows us to find qualified candidates that are not actively looking for a job and the ability to convince them to make the move when we feel that this is the right decision for all involved.  
  • Access to Exclusive Candidates  As a company with 25 years of staffing and recruiting industry experience, Enscicon already has relationships with the top talent in a number of fields. In fact, there are some top engineering and construction professionals who work exclusively with Enscicon. Gaining access to this pool of talent in addition to the people out in the normal job market will ensure a  


Helping companies find fill technical positions in the engineering and construction industry is what we do at Enscicon. This is why we are recognized as a leader in the technical staffing and recruiting industry and have won numerous awards that support that fact. We have won Best Oil and Gas Recruiting Agency 4 years running, been named 2-time Inc. 5000 fastest-growing private companies in 2018 and 2018, and took home the 2019 Best Energy Company award from ColoradoBiz. To find out how we save businesses time and money at an award-winning level, reach out to us today!